Abrahms Family

Comback gig

14 October 2017

After over five years of silence we've gathered toghether to rock again!

A Comback?..

26 June 2017

We decided to gather up again and make some awesome project together...

New record: Salvation

30 January 2016

Welcome back, Haim!

9 July 2014

After almost six year of absence one of the band’s founders — Haim Nazarovsky — returned to Abrahms Family!

Bell Levin Left the Band

1 April 2014

It was fun playing with Bell.

Salvation Video

6 June 2013

We wrote a new song. Please, watch us playing it on the rehearsal (and listen!):

Bell Levin Joined the Band

2 January 2013

Temporary Alexy Polyansky was replaced by regular Bell Levin. Funky!

Sal’it Swimming Pool

5 July 2012

It was fun playing on Emuna and Nadav’s wedding.

This is our new song played there for the first time:

Alexy Polyansky Joined the Band

19 May 2012

Alexy Polyansky joined the band as a temporary bassist. He’s doing his job great but temporary is temporary (even if it lasts for ages).
While enjoying Leha’s company, we’re still looking for a permanent band member.

Bassist Vacancy

6 March 2012

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